Helane Morrison is an accomplished litigator Known for exposing Fraudulent Entrepreneurs

Helane Morrison is an attorney, businesswoman, and the chief compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners. This company is among the best performing investment firms in California. Morrison is knowledgeable in the fields of business compliance and litigation matters.


Morrison’s education and career history


Morrison obtained her first degree in journalism from the Northwestern University. She later enrolled the University of California and graduated with a Juris Doctor (JD). Morrison also served as the editor-in-chief of the California Law Review Committee. Three years after graduating from Berkeley School of Law, she acquired a membership at the State Bar of California. Morrison’s first job was a clerk at the U.S. Court of Appeals. A year later, she began working for Justice Harry Blackmun of the Supreme Court.


In 1986, she joined Howard & Rabkin law firm and served as an attorney for ten years. Throughout her tenure in this law firm, she represented clients in matters about SEC and business litigation. Morrison joined Hall Capital Partners in 2007 and served as the general counsel of the company. She is also a member of Hall Capital Partners’ executive committee. Before working at this firm, Morrison was a senior executive officer at the SEC for nine years. As the head of SEC, she was in charge of investigating fraud litigation matters as well as enforcing regulatory issues. Morrison was also a representative of SEC to the media and other government agencies.


Morrison’s role at Hall Capital Partners


Morrison chose to work at Hall Capital Partners because of the company’s varied leadership and prowess in the financial industry. She came into the company during a time when the market was recovering from an economic crisis and investors were afraid of venturing into business. Morrison worked to assist the company in regaining its glory while strengthening confidence in the financial market. Her current role in this organization has allowed her to make strategies and policies for this enterprise. Morrison’s educational background enables her to stand out as a vocal litigator, especially when dealing with corrupt corporations. Her track record is incredible as it revolves around exposing economic predators.


Morrison is determined to put away unscrupulous business people who exploit people for their personal gain. She is known to uphold values of integrity and transparency when executing her duties. Additionally, her role at Hall Capital Partners enables her to enhance employee diversity, flexibility, and foster PTO policies.



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