How Securus Technologies is Helping Keep Streets Safer

Law enforcement really has their hands full each year trying to keep the streets of each city safe. As violent crimes are on the rise in some major cities, law enforcement has been looking for other ways to help stop the problem before it gets worse. When it comes to gangs, many low-level members will do just about anything to please those in higher positions. These soldiers will do anything because once they arrive in jail they are looked upon as hero’s by other members.


Trying to stay ahead of gang activity on the streets is always a challenge because gang members won’t tell on one another and local residents are afraid to talk for fear their family will be retaliated against. This makes it up to the investigative teams to figure out how to stop these activities before they occur.


As challenging as that may sound, our agency now has access to technology that is changing the way go after these gangs. When we discovered the work that Securus Technologies was doing with law enforcement, we needed to investigate further. The inmate communication system placed in our jail enabled officers a new way to listen in on the conversations of these gang members, and now we were able to use the software on the streets too.


Once an officer discovers a conversation in the jail about a gang leader ordering a soldier, or mule, to come to the jail as a visitor to bring drugs, we get the word. So how this plays out is we now know who is going to get the drugs and when they are bringing them to the jail. We immediately put that person under surveillance and we can not only catch them in the act at jail, we can nap the suppliers and all involved too.


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  1. Smart is the order of the day and being smart requires one to think ahead. That is the work Securus has done in the prisons according to essay on time services and with the help of the inmates communication system, prisons officers have been able to eliminate the inflow of contraband drugs. I believe that this is a great achievement that the prisons officers have got.

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