Mike Baur career achievements

Mike is a business person and entrepreneur who has been able to perform very well in the corporate world. Before starting his business career he was a banker. One of the key things he learned is how to handle limited resources in the most suitable manner. By doing that one will make huge returns.


Mike likes startups very much. Due to that, he started an entity which fully focuses on supporting people with startups. He and his co/founder are now working round the clock to support young people who have the right startups. The entity is well known has Swiss Startup Factory. People in different parts of this globe can now communicate with the body. You will not only be supported financially, but you will also get guidance from experts who have been in the market for a long span of time.


Most people with startups do not know how to monetize the business idea they have. By going to the firm, you will be guided. Apart from that as the owner of the startup you will be given all the paperwork needed by one. The paperwork will be of great help in case of any legal battle about the ownership of the startup.


Mike Baur has also been a mentor to a wide range of business persons who are now venturing in various segments. He has been guiding people on how best to optimize the returns they realize from the venture they get into. This has been of the essence since it has promoted entrepreneurial spirit among many persons in the region.


Mike has also been participating in different pitching contests in various tertiary institutions. The pitching battles are now being put in place so as to encourage young people to venture into business. This is one of the ways in which the country will be able to cut down unemployment in the country.


His company Swiss Startup Factory is now working with CTI invest so as to meet a bigger number of people. It has been working with the institution for more than a year now. Mike Baur was appointed to be the deputy managing director of the co-ventured being done by the institution. Mike control most of the activities being done by the institutions at the moment. With his understanding of the market, he has been able to achieve a lot within a very short time.


5 Tips for Fruitful Retirement Planning

Retirement planning is a must. It’s what will allow a flow of income to come in once a person no longer earns a paycheck.

Recent studies have shown that approximately 45 percent of Americans have no retirement savings. This is problematic for a number of reasons on LinkedIn.

Contribute to a 401(k)
According to David Giertz, a broker in Dublin, Ohio, saving for retirement is all about making good decisions.

Pay Off Debt
Everyone should work with a financial advisor to work on paying off debt. This will ensure that once retirement occurs, no money is going out on past debt.

Wait on Social Security
According to David Giertz, hold off to apply for Social Security until age 66 and two months. It will allow for the full amount and make it easier to have sustainable income.

Start Paying into an IRA
Everyone should pay into an IRA. The average amount is $2,000 a year. Once a person hits 65, that money can then be drawn out monthly to provide additional income for retirement purposes.

Look at Sustainable Housing
Many people waste their money on rent. This poses a problem once retirement begins, warns David Giertz. Those who are retired are on a fixed income. If rent goes up each year, a person’s finances become unstable.

Following the tips, as David Giertz recommends, has the potential to result in a more fruitful retirement.

Learn more about David Giertz: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/david-giertz

Bumble Opened A Pop-up Called Hive NYC And We’re All Abuzz

Bumble dating app CEO Whitney Wolfe just leaped from screen to street with month-long pop-up installation Hive NYC. Bumble users and the curious public are invited to look around.

Hive offers a location for romantic, friendly, or business meet-ups and marks the first time any such apps have facilitated face-to-face meetings in such a direct way.

Adorably, Hive NYC is decorated with yellow honeycomb shapes and empowering wall quotes. Its decidedly feminine slant looks more like a networking and meet-up place (or the coolest sleepover ever) than a hot spot to take a date. Then again, why not just meet up on some comfy furniture and get to know each other in a cheerfully uncheesy spot? Who says it has to be dark and boozy?

Hive is just the latest cool expansion of Whitney Wolfe’s original brand. Bumble BFF and the emerging Bumble Bizz have formed organically from users looking for friends and collaborators on the friendly, no-stress app. Their demand for an easier way to delineate romance from socializing or networking has led Wolfe and her team to design new updates. Wolfe’s vision is to make the app a joyful collection of people who are proud to say they are members.

From its very design, Bumble gives women a push towards being heard and choosing what they really want. In her college days, Wolfe would text or call guys first with no trouble, but caught tons of shade from horrified friends. Wolfe understood that, by stipulating that women make the first move in Bumble, she’d be letting women off the hook.

In an interview with the Atlantic (11-01-2016), Wolfe blames dating norms and education for women’s lack of presence in leadership positions. She has never been good at sitting back and waiting, nor has she found it to be useful when she’s tried it. Once she made a goal, she was impatient to begin working towards it.

Whitney Wolfe finished the article with a call to action of sorts, calling on female leaders to stand up in their communities and nationally. Be visible and mentor, or else a movement can never take off. Bumble and Hive’s atmosphere of empowerment and focus on female leadership is just part of a very large picture, and it’s exciting to see.

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