Mike Baur career achievements

Mike is a business person and entrepreneur who has been able to perform very well in the corporate world. Before starting his business career he was a banker. One of the key things he learned is how to handle limited resources in the most suitable manner. By doing that one will make huge returns.


Mike likes startups very much. Due to that, he started an entity which fully focuses on supporting people with startups. He and his co/founder are now working round the clock to support young people who have the right startups. The entity is well known has Swiss Startup Factory. People in different parts of this globe can now communicate with the body. You will not only be supported financially, but you will also get guidance from experts who have been in the market for a long span of time.


Most people with startups do not know how to monetize the business idea they have. By going to the firm, you will be guided. Apart from that as the owner of the startup you will be given all the paperwork needed by one. The paperwork will be of great help in case of any legal battle about the ownership of the startup.


Mike Baur has also been a mentor to a wide range of business persons who are now venturing in various segments. He has been guiding people on how best to optimize the returns they realize from the venture they get into. This has been of the essence since it has promoted entrepreneurial spirit among many persons in the region.


Mike has also been participating in different pitching contests in various tertiary institutions. The pitching battles are now being put in place so as to encourage young people to venture into business. This is one of the ways in which the country will be able to cut down unemployment in the country.


His company Swiss Startup Factory is now working with CTI invest so as to meet a bigger number of people. It has been working with the institution for more than a year now. Mike Baur was appointed to be the deputy managing director of the co-ventured being done by the institution. Mike control most of the activities being done by the institutions at the moment. With his understanding of the market, he has been able to achieve a lot within a very short time.


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