This Organization is Trying To End Big Money In Politics

During his 2016 presidential campaign, Bernie Sanders dedicated his platform to fighting big business and Wall Street corruption. While all of his rhetoric and proposals fall in-line with this theme, his most direct stance against corporate influence in politics is his stern opposition to the Citizens United decision. If Sanders was to win office, his plan was to appoint only Justices who oppose the Citizens United ruling. If you don’t already know, Citizens United is a Supreme Court decision that ruled the restriction of political donations unconstitutional. The Supreme Court handled this case in 2008 after a Super PAC attempted to run negative ads targeting Hillary Clinton.


Sanders’ fervent passion against corporate corruption resonated across the country, and the grass-roots movement he coalesced during his attempt to become the Democratic nominee shows this. Before and after Bernie’s defeat, passionate opponents of the Citizens United case fight against what they consider political injustice. These efforts against Citizens United are organized and dedicated, and one of the strongest examples is the political action committee known as End Citizens United (ECU). End Citizens United was established in 2015 and is designed to “combat big money in politics and dismantle our rigged political system.”


ECU is a significant force in the political scene, and just recently, they commented on the “By The People” reform package designed by key Democrats. While By The People does not come close to ending corporate corruption, ECU believes it to be an important stepping stone in eventually dismantling big money in politics. In particular, the reforms suggested in By The People fight to “ensure accountability in government” and maintain ethical behavior by those in government positions.


Proponents of ECU and anti-Citizens United movements are surely deflated by the recent events of the Trump presidency, but the fight against big money in politics continues on. According to USA today, ECU raised a whopping $4 million dollars during the first three months of 2017. ECU projects that this earning will continue and that by the 2018 midterms, the organization will raise $35 million dollars. It seems that the fighters against Citizens United are putting their money where their mouth is, and the result is a powerful force that threatens to shake up the political sphere during midterms. The resilient fight against corporate corruption showcases the dedication of those who oppose it, and hopefully advocates of ECU and similar groups soon see the fruits of their labor.

The Finances of Hussain Sajwani

For those unaware, the Middle East remains a prosperous region in the world. Aside from being the largest producer of oil in the world, the Middle East also remains renown for its precious resources. With that being said, countless people have achieved and an unprecedented amount of success in the Middle East. Moreover, these entrepreneurs have garnered millions and billions of dollars. In particular, the United Arab Emirates remains noteworthy. For those unaware, the United Arab Emirates remains a central hub for much of Middle East’s economic prosperity. With that being said, Hussain Sajwani serves as a testament to the wealth found in the United Arab Emirates. For those unaware, Hussain Sajwani remains a prominent figure in the United Arab Emirates.


To expound further, Hussain Sajwani accumulated his wealth from developing several real estate properties in the region. In addition, the owner of DAMAC’s wealth currently hovers around $5.4 billion dollars. Also, the DAMAC owner remains in a position of power. Due to the success of his properties, the owner of DAMAC has remained a close ally of government officials in the United Arab Emirates. Moreover, Hussain Sajwani has maintained a close friendship with President Trump. To expound further, Donald Trump and the owner of DAMAC have conducted business among each other for several years. With that being said, the Hussain Sajwani family has attended numerous events hosted by President Trump. To name a few, these include the opening of his hotel in Washington, D.C. and a New Year’s Eve party.


In particular, Hussain Sajwani’s wife remains close friend with President Trump’s wife. Moreover, they contact each other regularly. Aside from his affiliation with President Trump, the owner of DAMAC remains a jubilant philanthropist. To expound further, he has created numerous initiatives aimed at tackling poverty and hunger in the communities that he serves. Recently, the owner of DAMAC has donated millions of dollars to an initiative aimed at clothing at least one million children. Therefore, his ability to lead remains uncontested. As a result, Sajwani remains someone with respect and accreditation around the world. In closing, Sajwani remains legendary.


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UKV PLC Is A Wine Merchant Of Repute

When it comes to the wine business, the name UKV PLC springs to mind. This is a company that not only specializes with the world’s finest and most valuable wine brands but also is a major consultant in the wine business. The company, which has its headquarters in Croydon, UK, offers advisory as well as distribution services to its wide network of clients and customers. They are experts in the fine wine trade and have a vast amount of knowledge regarding the wine industry.

The firm is independent in nature and are not contractually bound by any supplier. It works with many brokers, merchants, and traders to acquire unique brands of wine that are rare and in high demand. Its operations are focused in acquiring, supply and sale of wine and champagne to traders and individual entities. It is a top-notch company that advises its clients on the best type of wine to order for occasions as well as for investments. They are also brokers selling investment grade wine in the UK market.

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Grade wines have intrinsic value which serves as a good investment option. However, since the wine market faces regular price fluctuation, the company is incapable of guaranteeing or advising its customers on the prices of wine. What the company can do is to secure wine for its customers according to their interests. It can give you crucial information regarding highly valued brands of wines produced by reputable vineyards in Europe and the rest of the world.

In the recent past, the wine market has witnessed significant growth that has widely been largely capitalized by companies like UKV PLC to cater for the emerging needs. This firm not only offers consultancy services but is actually involved in the trade of wine and champagne.