Securus Technologies Growing in Services and Expanding its Reach

Securus Technologies Inc. works in the correction and telecommunications industry with providing security solutions using technology. The company operates from it’s headquarter located in Dallas, Texas and offers their services to clients across the United States of America. The company has also expanded its reach and is now serving clients in Canada as well.


CEO Rick Smith has been working as the leader of Securus Technologies Inc for a few years starting 2008. He has had years of experience from previous positions in leaderships at large firms. Securus Technologies Inc has benefitted significantly from the leadership of Rick Smith.


The business has been diligently working towards its expansion over the past few years. Back in 2007, Securus Technologies Inc acquired a large company which was a leader in the field of offender management systems. Before that, Securus Technologies Inc assimilated a number of small businesses as well.


In 2016, Securus Technologies Inc reached another milestone in their strategy for growth and expansion. The business had successfully invested more than half a million dollars towards assimilating companies as well as improving products and creating new services for their clients. The announcement was made by CEO Rick Smith who shared that the business of Securus Technologies Inc has even more plans geared towards growth.


Securus Technologies Inc has been at the forefront of client satisfaction for several years now. Lately, clients have been taking to the internet to express their delight with the business.


Serving business owners of small and medium firms, Securus Technologies Inc has helped an incredible amount of American businesses to take back their security. The company has provided the business owners with technology and software that detects corrupted staff members and illegal actions on the grounds. Securus Technologies Inc has been dedicated for many years towards making the world a safer place including businesses.




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