Dr. Jorge Moll and His Input to the World of Neuroscience.

The health industry is rapidly growing as a result of concerted efforts made by individuals, governments, and organizations. Access to information and data is a critical element in ensuring that these efforts bear fruits. Brazilian neuroscientist Jorge Moll has been a vocal pillar in initiatives aimed at improving the health services locally and internationally. He has integrated the role of social phycology in shaping the society (http://www.fehosul.org.br/fehosul/paulo-chapchap-e-jorge-moll-apresentam-visoes-inovadoras-da-gestao-empreendedora-em-saude/).



Moll argues that human moral conditioning has a deep relationship with neurobiology (Loop.Frontiersin). According to him, the values that attach human beings to one another do not vary, but the difference is found in the importance that each and society give them. Dr. Moll, further observes that creating of culture and genetic inheritance only helps to modulate the weight that values are given by particular social groups.



The neuroscientist is the founder of the Hospital das D’Or São Luiz, alias the Star Cup, in Copacabana and molded with elements of a five-star hotel. The hospital embeds unique concepts such as art galleries along the corridors. The hospital complex, whose construction began in 2013, is one of a kind and aims at giving patients a luxurious, relaxed environment to help them ease the burden.



Over the years, Dr.Jorge Moll has been at the center of several groundbreaking projects in his field. Through magnetic resonance, a tool used by neuroscientist to understand how the brain network operates, Dr.Moll has explained at length the relationship between various human characteristics such as adaptation, generosity and even laziness.



Moll holds a graduated in 1995 from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and completed his medical residency in Neurology in 1997 from the same university. He is an accomplished researcher in the areas of cognitive neuroscience and sits as a board member and leader in several organizations.



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