Jeremy Goldstein- A compensation lawyer in New York

Jeremy Goldstein is a top compensation lawyer in the United States. He is helping employers in the country to choose stock options that are the best for their employees. These are stocks that won’t cause a risk to the company and the employees as well. The alternative stocks are meant to act as a replacement for companies that are no longer offering stock options to their employees. Jeremy Goldstein is a supporter of stocks known as the knock out options. These are stocks that are almost similar to other stocks in terms of time limits and vesting requirements. However, for barrier option, if the value of the stock falls below a certain value, employees will cease to own the options.



There are advantages that are offered by the knockout options. They have less overhead costs as well as reduced accounting burden to the company when compared to other options available in the market. Since these options will be lost once they go below a certain level, employees will work very hard to ensure that they do not lose them when the value depreciates. The company will, in this case, be the beneficiary. The company will be able to grow. The value of a company will also get better as workers will be working hard to see the value of the options increase. This will translate to development of the company. Many companies have been avoiding the stock options since they are a burden to the company. In case they depreciate in value, they will affect the company negatively. There is no benefit of exercising them when at the first place, a company could have ignored them and tire would be no problem.



Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer based in NY. He’s a founding partner of Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. This is a firm that offers advice to employers on how to make compensation to their employees.


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