Fabletics Evolves with More Stores and Maximizes Time for Consumers

Fabletics is a company that is experiencing a tremendous amount of growth in a short time frame. Kate Hudson started this company with Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler as an online venture, but within the course of a decade she realized that she had easily saturated her online crowd. She knew that there would be a need for a level of growth that expanded beyond the Internet. More physical stores would be exactly what she needed to implement to accomplish this.


Within the next three to five years there will be more than 100 stores that carry the Fabletics name. This is monumental when people consider the fact that there were less than a dozen of these stores during the time that Fabletics gained popularity. That is quite a jump from the dozen of so stores that currently exist, but Kate Hudson definitely feels that it is time.


She knows how the market works, and she has analyzed what the competition is doing. There are other huge companies like Fabletics competitor Amazon that are also gaining brick-and-mortar locations. This says a lot for Amazon because it has always been known as the cyber store that has everything. Now that the competition in athleisure clothing is heating up the founder Jeff Bezos has started to put more time into his Amazon physical locations. He believes that he can lure consumers faster and actually get items shipped out faster when there are more of the physical storefronts to provide products.


Kate Hudson has realized that much bigger companies like Amazon are competing for the business that she has gained with athletic clothing consumers. She does not take this challenge slightly. In fact, Kate Hudson is also increasing her exposure and even adding more products to the Fabletics product line. This shows just how serious she is when it comes to expanding this brand. She does not want to be someone that let her position as one of the top athletic clothing contenders falter simply because she is not being innovative.


Kate wants a brand that is going to shine. She wants to create the type of atmosphere that people are going to be impressed with when it comes to athletic clothing. The thing that Hudson works on the most when it comes to Fabletics is the retention of the customer.


She is not nearly interested in more than one-time purchases because she knows that in order to stay on top that there has to be a sense of brand loyalty from the customers. Kate has recognized this early, and that is why so much effort goes into connecting people to the world of athletic clothing that can be shipped directly to your home each month. There is no better time for consumers to get connected to this method because it actually allows them to eliminate a lot of the shopping that they will have to do on their own. Athletic clothing that can be shipped and lots of time can be saved.

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