Let Your Wish Come True And Have A Manhattan Wedding

Getting married is an exciting and spectacular time in your life. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first wedding or your fifth time saying the words “I Do.” You want the right venue that reflects your theme and fits your budget. Now that you know how many people are coming its time to find a venue.

How To Choose A Venue

This is New York City. The venues are affordable and the company can handle the number of people you and both sets of parents have invited. Having a Small, Medium or a Large wedding is not a problem. Elegant, Intimate, or Casual or whatever you desire is possible in New York.

Make a list and start pricing what you need and then what you “Want” for your wedding.

Start your research and make an appointment with the wedding planner. They can suggest certain days of the week and months that are less expensive.

Stay aware of your budget. But ask the right questions. The Wedding Specialists can plan your theme that will take your breath away.

* Does the venue have wedding packages and what’s included?

* Does the venue use real flowers or facsimiles?

* How much is your specific theme going to cost?

* Can you decorate the venue and supply the flowers?

The menu to celebrate the wedding can be Eclectic, Posh and Elegant or causal Cuisine.

* Does the venue allow outside catering?

* How much is each plate going to cost?

* What are the tax and gratuity on the number of plates?

* How much is the open bar and the tax?

* How much are the table settings going to cost?

If you want “Ballroom Dancing” to performing the “Twist” a New York wedding venue is the way to celebrate.

* How much is a Band, DJ, or Chamber Music?

* Can you bring in the music from outside?

Where are the people staying that are coming from out of town?

* Is the venue affiliated with any hotels close by where there is a discount?

* Is there a discount for parking and is it close to the venue?


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