Securus Technologies and GovPayNet, Making the Grade

GovPayNet has recently announced that it will be joining the Securus Technologies family. The acquisition is anticipated to bring many new advances in the field and will keep Securus Technologies at the top of its game. If you’re unfamiliar with Securus; the company provides many different services, however, is best known for its telecommunications services. Among these are, telephone calling plans, video visitation, voice mail, and email services. The company also provides monitoring services in facilities, and outside as well. The company is regularly praised for providing value-added services to both internal and external customers.


GovPayNet is also excited to be working with JPay. Both companies are strengthening Securus’ position as a leader in financial services as well. Wireless containment systems are the newest technology being developed by the companies. WCS works to prevent unauthorized cell phone usage in facilities. Contraband phone use has become such a great problem in jails; it’s been attributed to many crimes and even the murder of an infant. The technology works by blocking the device from connecting with its carrier. The caller is notified that the call hasn’t been completed. While there aren’t any published reports, unofficial estimates of over one billion calls blocked have been stated.


Securus and its acquired companies bring over a half-century of experience to the business. Based in Texas, the company has served several thousand agencies, and over 1.2 million inmates, and growing. Securus has also made accreditation with the Better Business Bureau and recently earned a grade of “A+.” The company has been improving its customer service and has put up impressive numbers across the board for customer satisfaction. With well over 95 percent of its customer’s satisfied; Securus keeps its commitment to those who matter most. Both internal and external customers regularly praise the company for the convenience and safety its services provide. It’ll only be a matter of time before we see the next innovation from Securus Technologies.



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