Doe Deere Offers Practical Advice For People Looking To Follow In Her Footsteps

Starting a business can be very scary. Many people aren’t sure where to begin. While they may have some vague idea about the kind of business they want to start, it it not always clear where to go after doing so. One person who has been highly successful in the world of business wants to share her advice about doing so. Doe Deere has watched as an idea she had in her own head has turned into one of the world’s most successful makeup companies. In doing so, she has learned a great deal. Her own path is one that she helps will inspire others to feel that it is possible to start a business. She hopes others that she help them explore making their personal dreams come true in life.


Following Her Heart


Doe Deere has always tried to follow her own heart and inclinations. Growing up in Russia, she knew that her heart lay in the United States. It was this that led her to head to New York City when she was still only sixteen. In doing so, she found a world entirely different that the world of her childhood. Like many entrepreneurs, she sought out an educational background that could give her the grounding she needed to create her own dreams. While attending the Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan, the idea of creating her very own company began to take shape in her mind. She knew what she wanted from life even as a young woman.


Her Early Days In Business


As she looked around, she began to realize the key to success in her life would be to find something she really loved. One of the first things she did was notice that there were very few makeup products she liked on the shelves. She was frustrated by her lack of choices. Rather than simply let this observation pass unnoticed, she realized there would be opportunity right in front of her. It was then that she began to experiment with different kinds of makeup colors. She also began to realize that she was not the only one unhappy with possible makeup choices online. Doe Deere then had a flight of inspiration. She was going to start her own makeup company and market her own unique line of fabulously colored items like lipsticks and eyeliners.


Sharing Her Success


It was clear to Doe Deere that she had struck a nerve. Many people absolutely loved what she was doing. She found enormous success with Lime Crime. Not content to sit on her laurels, she’s continued to push her company and her ideas forward. She’s generously decided to share her secrets with others as well. This is one of many reasons why she speaks out at conventions such as Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour and other venues devoted to entrepreneurship such as PHAMExpo. She loves sharing highly practical advice about the world of business with others. She hopes people will find wonderful inspiration in her business career.


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