What Tourists Can Do Around The Fagali’I Airport

Fagali’I Airport is the best way to reach the city of Apia. It is located on Upolu Island which is one of the main islands that make up Samoa. It is named after a nearby village which lies about 5 km southeast of Apia. It is quite small and is used by two airlines, Samoa Air and Polynesian Airlines. Both of these air carriers use planes that seat fewer than 20 passengers and both fly to an international airport in American Samoa.

The Fagali’I Airport is centrally located to most things to see and do on Upolu. After leaving the airport you can choose from a wide range of activities whether you’re looking to do something laid-back or adventurous. Those looking for adventure can find some great hikes up waterfalls as well as opportunities to dive, snorkel, and/or surf. There are also lava fields to visit some of which have powerful blow holes to view spewing out liquid lava.

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Most visitors who fly through Fagali’I Airport are there to experience authentic Polynesian culture. The most popular tourist even is Fiafia Night. It is held on Wednesday evenings and celebrates this island’s culture. It starts out with a traditional buffet and afterward there is entertainment which features dance and songs. The highlight is a fire knife dance which has been described as spectacular. At the end of the show guests are invited to dance and they are taught new moves they can take home with them.

For those who want to shop and eat great seafood there is a fish market located about one mile from Fagali’I Airport. There is fresh caught eels, tuna, octopus, and other seafood available that is right off the boat. Everything is also offered at prices that are incredibly low. The fishmongers love to share their knowledge with tourists so no one should be shy asking any questions at this market. There is also a nearby produce market that offers a vast amount of tropical fruits that are sourced from Upolu Island according to youtube.com. Drinking from a coconut is a popular activity which helps people cool down during the afternoon heat.

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