In the communications business, Talk Fusion is a company that helps customers succeed with technology like their Video Chat and their WebRTC technologies.

If you are a business who is looking for an engaging software option like video chat to get the attention of a potential client through use of email, Talk Fusion is a company to consider. Talk Fusion’s business focus is on the video marketing niche. Talk Fusion has an award winning Video Chat product, along with groundbreaking technology like WebRTC.


Ryan Page, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Talk Fusion, noted that their new, WebRTC technology is the forerunner in real-time communications. WebRTC makes using third-party plug-ins, a thing of the past. By consolidating communication and increasing security measures, the WebRTC will help ameliorate a user’s experience. There is also the option of permanent chats, customized URLs, high quality contact management, and video support. Talk Fusion’s services also allow the user to share important files, as well as share a view of their desktop as part of the screen sharing capabilities that come with Talk Fusion’s technology.


Talk Fusion is a network marketing company that is headquartered in Brandon, Florida. CEO, Bob Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. With Talk Fusion, users receive full reporting metrics, which are similar to a regular email service. Talk Fusion also allows users to see how many people received their emails, as well as the total number of people who viewed their video. The software can also keep track of the people who viewed the video that was emailed. Talk Fusion’s software also shows how many links were clicked and how many emails bounced back.


Talk Fusion has a variety of service options. Talk Fusion’s basic service costs $175. For $175, there is a one time purchase, and a $20 monthly payment plan. The basic service also includes one account and storage for 1,000 emails. Users can create a video that is up to 5 minutes in length. The $375 level includes all the options that come with the basic service, but will receive an additional four accounts, more design template options and additional customization features. This $375 option will also allow the user to record up to 10 minutes of video time.


The great thing about Talk Fusion’s services and technology is that all videos are embedded directly into the emails. There is no link that a user needs to be redirected to for watching the video with Talk Fusion’s service, which makes it convenient for both the sender and the email recipient.  Learn more:

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