NGP VAN Tips To A Successful Campaign

NGP VAN wants to help develop your communication goals- update your supporters on how much donations you have received, the people who have donated and the average contribution they are giving. Here are a few tips to running a successful digital marketing strategy according to a firm that leads in progressive software. Firstly, use the figures to ask more people to donate or for more donations from those who have already given. Include some reactions from your supporters. Select the reactions that are likely to persuade more donors to get on board.

Prepare content in advance

You should write your emails in advance and have them ready for you to edit whenever necessary. This way, you will pay attention to the content and ensure it is communicated effectively to your targeted audience. You may not do this well while working under the pressure that comes with EOQ.

Write down your work plan

A written schedule of activities will keep you on track if you follow it religiously. Monitor if all the team members are following it. If there are activities lagging behind schedule, fast-track them.

Take time to debrief

After the campaign, take some time to look at what the team did right and what they may not have done well. This is the best time for team bonding and celebrating your achievements. Appreciate your team with a party, a special lunch or some other activity that will help them unwind and prepare for the next campaign.

NGP VAN uses miniVAN App to contact potential voters and persuade them to support their team. The VoteBuilder helps them to monitor interactions with voters and to persuade them to get out in large numbers to vote for the team’s candidate.

DC Inno named it as the 2016 coolest company. AAPC also awarded them for having the most innovative and latest campaign product. The Business Journal and the Smart CEO have ranked the company among the top fifty fastest growing companies in Washington, DC.

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