Securus Technologies Helping Correctional Facilities Stop The Use of Contraband Phones Completely

One of the dominant companies in the correctional sphere that has been trying hard to modernize and transform the penitentiary field is Securus Technologies. The company has been developing highly advanced correctional services by using cutting-edge technologies, which is not only beneficial for the penitentiary area but also helps in keeping the correctional facilities and communities safer. Some of the leading services that Securus Technologies provide include regulatory information management solutions, money transfer services, parolee tracking system, inmate communication services, investigative technology and services, and much more.


Securus Technologies has been working on developing new technologies for a long time, and one of the technologies the company has been working on priority is contraband interdiction technology. It is this technology that would help in keeping the criminals from using the contraband phones inside the prison. The problem of contraband phone use has been increasing in the recent years and has reached its peak recently. One of the videos shot by an inmate inside the prison on a contraband phone went viral recently after he posted it on Facebook. The entire nation was in the state of shock after the video was posted online as it went on to showcase how easy it is for the users to access contraband phones inside the prison.


Securus Technologies has invested $40 million in developing the wireless containment solutions, which would ensure that the contraband phones inside the prison become useless. The contraband phones would not be able to catch the network carrier, and the phone would practically become a paperweight. In the eight facilities that it has been tried and tested for a year, it has been able to stop over 1.7 million illegal communication and counting. Securus Technologies is sure that the wireless containment solutions developed by it are the answer to the menace caused by contraband phones inside the prison. The fact that wireless containment solution by Securus Technologies is the only such approved and accepted technology in the industry currently gives Securus Technologies a monopoly over the contraband interdiction technology.


Robert Johnson is a former corrections officer and is currently with Securus Technologies as a consultant. He has dedicated his whole life to stop the contraband phone use inside the prison and is even shot six times by a goon to get him off the grid as he was so efficient in doing so. Robert Johnson has been able to help Securus Technologies in understanding how the criminals try and get the supply of contraband phones inside the prison, and how the wireless containment solutions can be solidified to ensure no loopholes. Securus Technologies is sure that in future, the wireless containment solution would continue to develop and upgrade, ensuring that the use of contraband phones inside the prison is eliminated.




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