Dr. Saad Saad: Believe and Achieve

Surgery can be an extremely difficult task to complete, and when you add in the fact that you will be dedicating cutting into children it becomes even more stressful. In order to complete such a task requires the mind and skill of particular people in the medical field, which is the case with Dr. Saad Saad. Dr. Saad has been involved in the medical field for over forty two years as a pediatric surgeon, moving through difficult times in his life in order to provide the highest level of service to his young patients. A native of Egypt, Saad has seen his fair share of prejudice and discrimination in the United States but has managed to always prevail and succeed even in times of distress. It is for these reasons that people are now seeking his expert advice that he has developed through his many years of service.


Procrastination is the main issue that many Americans suffer from. We have a tendency to worry about completing tasks, later on, instead focusing on what we see as being the most entertaining at first. The problem with this mind set is that nothing is completed efficiently and we are left with more tasks to complete than we did before as different jobs start to pile on one another. In order to avoid this issue, Dr. Saad suggests simply doing the task as it comes to you and not wait. By always starting and finishing a new job at the time it presents yourself you are able to have more free time later for hobbies and entertainment. Learn more: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8


Being goal oriented is another concept that Dr. Saad supports whole heartedly. In order to ever become successful, you need to set personal goals for yourself to reach. These can be short term or long term goals with varying levels of need. The idea is that if you know what you are working for it is easier to accomplish them because you have a focus on each one. When you reach a goal you can celebrate, which can motivate you to move on to the next goal, and so on.


While these two bits of advice sound fairly obvious there is still the majority of Americans who ignore them. Dr. Saad Saad, through his experiences as a hard working pediatric surgeon, has needed to follow his own advice in the past otherwise he never would have reached his level of livelihood. By putting himself out there and staying busy he has literally worked himself into the position that he enjoyed for so many years. HIs advice should be taken seriously and at least considered. Hopefully, with his retirement from medicine he decides to continue to mentor.


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