Why Sean Penn Wrote “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

America is full of movie fanatics, but Sean Penn is turning these movie lovers into readers. Penn has taken a step back from the film industry to write books. He entitled his first book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. People have compared Penn’s work in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff to the work of other authors, such as Thomas Pynchon, Charles Bukowski, and Hunter S. Thompson.


Because Penn has actually met Bukowski and Thompson, he was asked if either of the writers’ styles seeped into his work. This question seemed to almost make Penn’s blood boil because it was asking if he was influenced by other creators. Penn left the movie industry simply because he had to let the ideas of others’ change his work for the sake of collaboration. Sean Penn has never been big on collaboration and on letting others influence or change the masterpiece that he had already planned from start to finish.


Penn didn’t give a definite answer as to whether or not the thoughts and styles of others were incorporated into Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, but he did say that he would leave that question open to interpretation by the readers. Many of the characters in the book and what is talked about in the book relate to real life people and situations. For example, Bob Honey’s life mirrors Penn’s own in the fact that Bob is a pariah, an outcast. Penn even titled the audio version Pappy Pariah.

Penn may feel like an outcast, himself, because he does not have a good relationship with his children. He is estranged from them. The Landlord, the book’s antagonist, resembles America’s President, Donald Trump. Bob Honey feels that The Landlord has too much power and too much control in the same way that many Americans feel that Donald Trump is entirely too powerful. Penn says that his book is fiction, however, and should be seen as such. Penn’s fictional book does have some people intrigued and asking questions. However, as a creator, couldn’t intrigue and interest have been Penn’s goal for Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff?



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