Kamil Idris Shares His Views Regarding The IP Dispute Between The United States And China

Chinese manufactures have been making profits from goods supposedly copied from those of the Western world. This has caused numerous United States entrepreneurs to lose their businesses. The plan of the Trump administration is to place tariffs on exports from China with a worth of $100 billion. This plan is intended to force China to enforce their IP protections. Some people believe this plan will fail. One economic analyst believes the Chinese will not make concessions until they feel economic pressure. An expert on China stated President Trump’s move took the Chinese off guard. He does not believe China wants to become part of a trade war. Most China experts believe the issue regarding intellectual property rights is slowly improving. Only sixteen percent of the American Chamber of Commerce in China believe illegally transferring technology is a major issue.


The companies in China are now much more sophisticated. This means they are able to use their laws regarding intellectual property in the development of their own products. The courts have been filled with lawsuits concerning the numerous IP problems of Chinese companies. The Chinese government has been made aware of the valid complaints coming from Western companies. A lot of the China experts regret the fact the United States was close to implementing a remedy for this problem concerning the Chinese prior to the government being taken over by the Trump administration. Negotiations for a bilateral trade were already in process between the Chinese government and the Obama administration prior to the Trump administration taking over the government. The words in this agreement pertaining to protecting the IP rights were much stronger. It does look like the issues regarding IP rights have started to improve. President Trump wants the process accelerated. Numerous economic pundits feel his take on the stubbornness of China has hit the target.


The Permanent Court of Arbitration was established during the First Hague Peace Conference in 1899. This is an international, prestigious and historical legal body. Kamil Idris is a highly respected member of the Arbitration’s Permanent Court. He supports the aim of the Court to add more options to resolve international disputes. The Court is unique because the arbitrators are chosen during private sessions by the parties. Kamil Idris has numerous significant international achievements. He is dedicated to peace keeping and international cooperation. Prestigious institutions regularly invite him to preside over Arbitration panels both important and extremely delicate.

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