Robert Deignan is a prominent and a well-known person in the realm of business. His personal, as well as professional accomplishments, have played pivotal roles towards his many innovations and competitive edge that he has created for his business. His diverse prowess, expertise, skills, and knowledge have punctuated the success and prosperity of his company, Advanced Tech Support Digital Services where he is the Executive Director, to endeavor in business has made him gain a lot of recognition. The company later rebranded to advanced tech support in 2011.

Robert is an alumnus of Purdue University where he graduated with a degree in organizational leadership. With his extensive skills, experience efficient and expertise in leadership and entrepreneurial management, he co-founded the Fanklink Company in the year 1998. However, the Company’s services were terminated after being in business for close to two years. He was later charged with the responsibility of managing the company’s operations holding the position of Executive vice president of iS3 from 2002 and all the way to July 2011. After his exit from the Company, Deignan again became a founder member of his current company Advanced Tech Support Digital Services which majorly deals in digital support services, targeting clients around the globe.

ATS digital is located in Raton, Florida. It is customer oriented ensuring it meets customers’ satisfaction as well as focusing on making sure that the clients attain the highest levels of satisfaction, by guaranteeing computers are safely kept and in good working conditions at all times for higher performance and reliability. All these are made possible due to the fact that the company’s customer call number is well indicated on the website. The knowledgeable and professional team of technicians help clients by remotely accessing their PCs and troubleshooting any problem with computers.

Robert Deignan’s abilities in leadership at the company has significantly contributed to the certification of the company by AppEsteem Corporation, becoming the first ever call center to be recognized. His presence in the company has massively helped set ATS on the map by putting it a global figure and crafting a noble name for it. An evaluation done by the company showed that they overpassed the threshold set by AppEsteem and had recorded a high-performance value. Mr. Deignan’s efforts have established his company on the foundation of client-focus passivity. Many clients have been able to get access to remote screen sharing and support help of the technical telephone. Robert’s organization is impressive due to the fact that he has been able to bring together different jobs that under normal circumstances would have been difficult.



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