Louis Chenevert is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Corporation for United Technologies. In 2008 April Louis was elected as Chief Executive and President, later on as the chairman in 2010 January. Chenevert has been in the position of Executive Chief Officer and President and also as the United Technologies Director since 2006 March. Before that he operated as President of Whitney and Pratt, from 1999 April through 2006 March.

Before joining Whitney and Pratt in 1993, he worked at General Motors for fourteen years. Louis Chenevert worked as a General Production Manager of St. Therese General Motors activities. He is a member of Business Roundtable Executive Committees, where leads the Fiscal Policy and Tax Committee and Council of business. Louise is among India-US Forum CEO member.

Additionally, he works for Cargill Directors Board, Honor Foundation for Congressional Medal and is the chair of the Yale’s Advisory Board center for cancer. Chenevert was inducted in 2005 as an official member of the Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics in America. Louise graduated from Montreal University where he got a Production Management Bachelor’s degree in Commerce Louis Chenevert is the chair of the Advisory Board of Montreal International and founding chairman and director HEC Montreal friends.

According to Louis Chenevert, the thoughts of integrated technology originated from numerous ideas which had a significant comprehension of client needs and an enthusiasm to come up with a revolutionized product in a cycle of thirty years. The approach would convey substantial changes joined up together in reinforcing the portfolio. When Louise was in UTC, engineering and operational talent were critical to delivering thoughts that would create outcomes which surpassed client’s desires and gather sufficient momentum and revenue with the support of staff. Louise is most excited by the speed at which technological innovation comes up with significant changes in accelerating the organizational speed in the future.

Louis Chenevert had an astounding run when he became part of UTC. Chenevert’s ascent to the highest point made the company start to generate considerable profits in the market. His tenure when he was at UTC saw the price shares of the company ascend to $117 from just $37 and an appreciation rate of 200% in the value of shareholders assets which was quite exceptional. Furthermore, when Louis Chenevert was at the helm, UTC managed to overcome any engineer’s layoffs which were being experienced by other organizations.



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