Waiakea Water Is A Sustainable Company That Offers A Healthy And Clean Bottle Of Water

More and more people, everyday, are choosing Waiakea Water over other brands or drinking out of the faucet, and there’s a good reason for this. While many people think that all bottled water is the same, this just isn’t true. Some water is ran through machines to change its composition and others simply don’t come from a true pristine source. Waiakea’s water is alkaline, and this helps to counteract damage that is done to the body by being too acidic. This happens because of foods and beverages we as people consume that are overly acidic in nature. Our body requires that we keep it at a ph of 7.4 in order to maintain our health, and Waiakea Water can help with this.

Waiakea Water was founded in 2012, and it is the original Hawaiian volcanic water company, which has worked to create a healthy, sustainable company that serves its customers and humanity. The goal of the company has always been to put together a lifestyle brand that created positive change in the world, and part of this effort has been the choice to make the company’s model a triple bottom line one that is focused on our planet and the people on it. In 2015, Waiakea Water received more awards that any other beverage company in North America.

Waiakea Water focuses on ensuring that its operations have the least amount of impact on the world as possible. This has been done through contributions to conservation efforts as well as promoting them and giving people access to clean drinking water through a program that provides free water to people in need based on the amount of sales it receives. The water that Waiakea provides is filtered through volcanic rocks and starts as snow-melt or rain. This means it comes from one of the cleanest places on the planet and includes plenty of trace minerals, which makes it an alkaline drink.

Waiakea Water is happy that it is the first premium bottled water from America to be named CarbonNeutral. This is due to the fact that it is packaged in 100% RPET, is sourced in a sustainable manner, and the company supports eco-initiatives. Waiakea continues to change the way that people think about bottled water with its very high standards.



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