Igor Cornelsen: Legendary Investor Now Retired

Igor Cornelsen has been a big name in the investment industry for many years and even the banking industry for a time. Igor was born in 1947 in a small place within Brazil. Igor had a normal childhood and ended up attending the University of Parana to build an education. Before he started putting time into economics and investing, Igor studied engineering at the college. In 1970, Igor graduated with his degree in economics and went on to become an investment banker in 1974. By 1976, Igor landed a position at Multibanco as the companies Chief Executive Officer, where he stayed for the next several years.

Later in his career, Igor was invited to the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank in London, where he joined up to be one of the board’s directors. Bainbridge has been able to make many improvements over the years thanks to the work of Igor, changing up some strategies for investing in foreign exchanges and commodities. In order to keep investments going strong, Igor has stayed current with the economies and various markets around the world.

With decades of experience working in the banking industry and the investment industry combined, Igor’s insight and experience are sought after by many as he is considered one of the best. Today, Igor spends a lot of time educating others and giving insight to up and comers. Igor Cornelsen built his career and his reputation in Brazil and as such he is very-well known back in his home country as one of the wealthiest investors. Igor is mostly retired today and spends a good deal of his time at his residence in Florida when he isn’t passing on advice or acting as a consultant for Bainbridge. After a long and successful investing career, Igor now has the time for one of his favorite past-times, golf.


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