Alex Pall About The Single ‘Closer’

The Chainsmokers are an American, award-winning duo. The duo consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, and specializes in EDP-pop and electropop music. They achieved success with their breakthrough single ‘#Selfie’, in 2014, and have constantly been releasing new material. Their discography consists of 2 EPs, Bouquet in 2015 and Collage in 2016, as well as a full-length album released in 2017, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’. They received many awards and nominations since their inception, including a Grammy Award in 2017 for the single ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ in the Best Dance Recording category. They toured extensively in 2017 in support of their album, doing 71 shows across 4 continents.

Alex Pall met Andrew Taggart after the two were introduced by their mutual manager Adam Alpert, and due to their common interests in music and similar ambitions, they formed The Chainsmokers, which quickly became a successful act. Pall was an aspiring DJ in the New York scene, climbing up the ranks and making a name for himself, but saw DJing only as side work, until ultimately deciding to give it a fair shot. Andrew Taggart was in college right before meeting Pall, and was taking an interest in DJing, having a great appreciation for electronic music.

Upon agreeing to collaborate, the two worked constantly to create their artistic identity and shape their sound. Taggart mentioned the fact that he considered it to be difficult for a middle-class male to write songs that connect with the audience, songs that are relatable and tought-provoking. As a result they decided to write lyrics about their lives, Pall noting that it is important for their songs to be personal, and that they always contribute to the songwriting process, whether they are writing the whole material themselves or are working with a songwriter.

For the single ‘Closer’ they collaborated with Halsey, Pall mentioning that she is a unique artist, with a strong voice, and that she was the ideal kind of artist that they would want to collaborate with in the future. He feels that the music they are currently releasing is a step in the right direction and it helps build their identity.


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