Why Sheldon Lavin is one of the Leading Entrepreneurs Across the Globe

The world of business comprises of people with various abilities. There are those who have managed to survive for many years. Other businesses are even lucky to celebrate their 5th birthday. The problem is that the majority of young business owners lack the knowledge and experience to manage these ventures. Sheldon Lavin is one of those few people who should be consulted when it comes to matters of business growth. Proper management skills are the ones that determine the lifespan of every venture.

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group. The company was formed 100 years ago. They have been able to grow from strength to strength over the sale many decades. This massive growth has been brought about by committed leadership throughout the period. They started as a small meat distributor in Illinois and currently, they are serving more than 17 countries across all parts of the world. They also have been able to set up over 70 facilities and also managing to acquire so many ventures within a short period of time.

Sheldon Lavin is able to help the company move to greatness because of his committed leadership as well as a team of trained staff who have managed to work with the company for so many decades. They pride themselves because of the low staff turnover in the company. This is because they have always given their employees a chance to grow in their career. With over 20,000 staff members across the globe, chances of growth are very high. In fact, the company has been rated as one of the most peaceful places to work with.

OSI Group took a new dimension of growth when Sheldon took over the company’s leadership in 1970. He was incorporated as OSI Group partner and later as a Chairman and also a chief executive officer. Through his landmark decisions, the company has been able to celebrate its 100th birthday as a leading food and meat supplier across the globe. They have kept on looking for expansion opportunities as well as business growth. Sheldon, as the group leader has been surrounded by professional departmental heads who have what it takes to move the company forward.

It is therefore advisable for every potential investor to follow the steps of Sheldon Lavin. He has proven to the world that everything is possible and can be done with the right equipment. He has been on the lookout helping young leaders achieve in the business.

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Brooke Miccio Reccomends EOS Lip Balms For Everyone

Brooke Miccio reviews the EOS Lip Balms with a lot of excitement. She calls them one of the most popular lip balms in the Beauty Guru community. They are festive and cute little lip balms, and she even has a huge collection of them.

They’re available in almost drug stores as well as big box stores like Walmart and Target. They run from $2.99 to around $4.00. The two newest flavors she owns are Tangerine and Pomegranate Raspberry. They’re not very expensive at all, especially when you think about all the other prices of lip balms recently. Unless you’re going for the $0.99 chapstick, EOS has a great price.

They come in small little egg shaped packaging. The lip balm is hydrating, but don’t add any colors. So if you’re going for a natural look, or you just need a base coat, then this is the lip balm for you.

They come in variety packs. Some in packs of three, and others in packs of five. This is a great way to start your EOS Lip Balm collection without dropping all your money. The Cool Mint makes your lips feel a tad bit tingly, and the others all smell delicious and leave a faint taste on your lips as well. The taste is not over powering at all though, and also very similar to what they smell like. Miccio loves to use them and goes through them very quickly, only because she loves them so much. They are great for hydrating your lips and preventing chapped lips before they ever happen. They are 95 to 100% natural and 95% organic. They have some medicated versions and some versions with SPF in them.

She also loves their customer service. She once posted a picture of the lip balm, and they replied.

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Alex Pall About The Single ‘Closer’

The Chainsmokers are an American, award-winning duo. The duo consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, and specializes in EDP-pop and electropop music. They achieved success with their breakthrough single ‘#Selfie’, in 2014, and have constantly been releasing new material. Their discography consists of 2 EPs, Bouquet in 2015 and Collage in 2016, as well as a full-length album released in 2017, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’. They received many awards and nominations since their inception, including a Grammy Award in 2017 for the single ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ in the Best Dance Recording category. They toured extensively in 2017 in support of their album, doing 71 shows across 4 continents.

Alex Pall met Andrew Taggart after the two were introduced by their mutual manager Adam Alpert, and due to their common interests in music and similar ambitions, they formed The Chainsmokers, which quickly became a successful act. Pall was an aspiring DJ in the New York scene, climbing up the ranks and making a name for himself, but saw DJing only as side work, until ultimately deciding to give it a fair shot. Andrew Taggart was in college right before meeting Pall, and was taking an interest in DJing, having a great appreciation for electronic music.

Upon agreeing to collaborate, the two worked constantly to create their artistic identity and shape their sound. Taggart mentioned the fact that he considered it to be difficult for a middle-class male to write songs that connect with the audience, songs that are relatable and tought-provoking. As a result they decided to write lyrics about their lives, Pall noting that it is important for their songs to be personal, and that they always contribute to the songwriting process, whether they are writing the whole material themselves or are working with a songwriter.

For the single ‘Closer’ they collaborated with Halsey, Pall mentioning that she is a unique artist, with a strong voice, and that she was the ideal kind of artist that they would want to collaborate with in the future. He feels that the music they are currently releasing is a step in the right direction and it helps build their identity.


How Talkspace Is Changing the World Of Mental Health

Talkspace is a text-based therapy app that provides ordinary people even without insurance the chance to find a professional therapist that they can speak to whenever they need them. This is an incredible service because you can receive help from one specific person and you can talk to them when you need. This opens the door for you to get a quick check up in almost every other day to see how you’re doing emotionally and get help almost immediately. This text-based therapy is one that is changing the industry already, and countless people are finding how powerful it really is. No need to go to a local clinic to get to somebody. Get help right where you whenever you need it the most.

How Talkspace Is Changing the World Of Mental Health

Michael Phelps is the person who is here specifically to prove to people that depression and anxiety can hit anybody. Mental health is so important him because he knows what it feels like and how it can badly affect your daily life choices and experiences. Phelps has joined the movement behind Talkspace by being the man to take on the face of the brand. As a human who uses the service himself, he is here to spread awareness of mental health. Talkspace is here to prove and show people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The brand wants to give access to anybody in need of receiving help as soon as possible. No need to be part of an insurance policy.

The life of the therapists on the program is what generally helps make the dream of this business come together. It’s amazing what can happen when you realize how the people behind the app work. One girl was interviewed by HiTech Chronicle and she talked about her daily life. She spoke briefly about her general morning lifestyle and how she has become so much better at managing her life through this specific job. She is constantly working throughout the day making sure she managers time for both herself and her clientele on the app.


Igor Cornelsen: Legendary Investor Now Retired

Igor Cornelsen has been a big name in the investment industry for many years and even the banking industry for a time. Igor was born in 1947 in a small place within Brazil. Igor had a normal childhood and ended up attending the University of Parana to build an education. Before he started putting time into economics and investing, Igor studied engineering at the college. In 1970, Igor graduated with his degree in economics and went on to become an investment banker in 1974. By 1976, Igor landed a position at Multibanco as the companies Chief Executive Officer, where he stayed for the next several years.

Later in his career, Igor was invited to the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank in London, where he joined up to be one of the board’s directors. Bainbridge has been able to make many improvements over the years thanks to the work of Igor, changing up some strategies for investing in foreign exchanges and commodities. In order to keep investments going strong, Igor has stayed current with the economies and various markets around the world.

With decades of experience working in the banking industry and the investment industry combined, Igor’s insight and experience are sought after by many as he is considered one of the best. Today, Igor spends a lot of time educating others and giving insight to up and comers. Igor Cornelsen built his career and his reputation in Brazil and as such he is very-well known back in his home country as one of the wealthiest investors. Igor is mostly retired today and spends a good deal of his time at his residence in Florida when he isn’t passing on advice or acting as a consultant for Bainbridge. After a long and successful investing career, Igor now has the time for one of his favorite past-times, golf.

Netpicks’ Tools to Enhance Online Trading

According to online trading approach firm Netpicks, Forex trading in currency pairs allows traders to invest in price variations of coins. Forex traders do the business basing their speculations as to whether the price of currency pairs will rise or go down. Also known as FX trading, currency trading or foreign exchange trading offers an opportunity for traders to trade currency pairs in a devolved market.

People can trade by being assisted with a live signal service and a chart provided by Netpicks. The fact that traders can swap in different cities means that forex market is accessible and open 24 hours a day. Once Sydney exchange closes, FX traders are able to trade currency pair in New York. The forex market allows individuals and organizations to exchange to exchange one type of cash with another, reference (Facebook.com). It also offers opportunities for risk-takers to make a profit by purchasing currencies and reselling when their value rises. Traders make investment verdict based on the currency value in evaluation to its foreign counterparts.

Foreign exchange trading appeals to investors for various reasons, for instance, a person can start trading after making reasonably small deposits. Secondly, investors continue to trade all hours, thus very easy for anyone to continue trading without quitting their careers. Besides, this financial market offers plenty of opportunities to create rapid profits, useful source on dailyforex.com. Currency worth frequently plummets and surge all the week long. On the other hand, traders may be required to wait a bit longer before the option or stock price change considerably.

The traders pair two currencies before they initiate the trade. For example, the JPY/USD pairing comprises the Japanese yen and U.S dollar. The price should be equal to the amount of a dollar that a trader can swap for a yen.

The investor should carefully plan their trades in advance before taking any action. It is very vital to identify the value of a specific currency that will activate a sale or purchase. Some traders opt to analyze currencies in a technical method by referring to graphs. Other traders prefer looking at pertinent news headlines. Both political and economic changes have the potential to make a nation’s currency fall or rise in value. Investors must risk their money to earn, but they need to manage the possibilities carefully.


Shafik Sachedina: Joint Chairmen of Sussex Healthcare

While holding many different positions within the realm of healthcare, Shafik Sachedina has become a mainstay in the minds of the Ismaili Imamat community as well. Sachedina was born in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, in 1950, since then he has gone on to achieve a great deal in his profession and faith, assuming multiple roles in each respective area of his life. In 1975, at the age of 25, Sachedina received a degree from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School, University of London, as a dental surgeon. His current endeavors include facilitating voluntary services, as well as providing crucial support to the Sussex County in South England, wherein care to homes is a vital part of his attempts to better the world.

Shafik Sachedina currently holds the role of joint chairman in the Sussex Health Care Company, through which he provides the aforementioned level of care and access to services for the Sussex County populace. Having such a wide variety of life experiences has allowed Sachedina to ingratiate himself with the people that he so passionately tries to assist. From his humble beginnings, to the life of a dental surgeon and now a wide variety of active roles in the lives of the people living in South England, Shafik Sachedina continues to improve as a man and health-care professional. It is quite a marvel to see someone handle such a hectic and important schedule, seeing as though he maintains 16 principle areas within the Ismaili community institutions. However, although his professions and passions keep him busy, the level of determination and quality of Shafik Sachedina have never faltered.

For details: www.danielwebster.org/biography-and-work-of-shafik-sachedina/

A Brief History of the Early Career of Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin began his life like many Irish families in England in 1876, he and his family struggled to make ends meet. As one of the oldest sons in his family, he had a lot of responsibility to his relatives.

While growing up in the impoverished area of Liverpool, at the age of 7 he attended school during the early part of his days while working during the afternoon in order to help support his family. While this arrangement is almost unheard of today, during Jim Larkin’s time it was quite a common arrangement. Read more: James Larkin | Wikipedia and  James Larkin | Biography

At the young age of 14, the father of Jim Larkin passed away and he was hired as an apprentice for the firm that the patriarch had previously worked for. This arrangement only lasted for 2 years as Jim Larkin was eventually dismissed from his position at the firm. Learn more about Jim Larkin: http://spartacus-educational.com/IRElarkin.htm and http://ireland-calling.com/james-larkin/

This dismissal led to Jim Larkin being unemployed for a period of around 2 years which was followed by positions as a sailor as well as a docker. It was Jim Larkin’s experience as a dock worker that inspired him to start organizing laborers to fight for their rights even after being promoted to foreman in 1903.

At a young age, Jim Larkin developed a lot of interest in socialism and later joined the infamous Independent Labour Party. Just 2 years after obtaining the position of foreman, he made the decision of joining the men on the docks during the strikes in the city of Liverpool.

While he may have been initially disappointed with being let go in his position of foreman as a result of his participation, it caused his career and life to move in a completely different direction.

His participation in the strike and subsequent dismissal piqued the interest of the National Union of Dock Labourers who offered Jim Larkin a position in their organization as a temporary organizer.

In 1906, the union made his position permanent and Jim Larkin was sent to Scotland to continue his work with the union. In Scotland, Jim Larkin was able to successfully organize the workers in Glasgow and Preston.

Rick Shinto and his influence on the success of InnovaCare

Rick Shinto points out that the success of InnovaCare Health Solutions is a result of the company’s teamwork practiced by the group of highly trained individuals who are in the company. Rick Shinto serves as the company’s president and CEO. He asserts that his staff is motivated to ensure the growth and development of the InnovaCare in efforts to provide health care plans. The motivation of staff is possible through the creation of working relationships that are healthy, well-defined objectives and proper communication in the organization and with the customers.


The main objective of the InnovaCare is to bring a change to the way services are provided in the healthcare management industry. The company aims at expanding into other markets and improving the all-round benefits for the clients without considering their financial or physical wellbeing. One of the driving forces behind the growth of InnovaCare is the leadership skills of Rick Shinto as the CEO and Penelope Kokkinides who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer. Both deal with the packages that are issued by InnovaCare like the Medicaid and Medicare packages. Under the leadership of Rick Shinto, InnovaCare has grown tremendously in terms of memberships which have increased to 200,000 members.


Rick has over twenty years working in the healthcare industry in capacities of leadership and technical expertise in the administrative and clinical healthcare. Rick Shinto graduated from the University of California where he earned his B.S degree. He earned his medical degree from the State University of New York and also attended the University of Redlands, where he earned his MBA. Dr. Shinto served as a pulmonologist in Southern California. He has also worked in Cal Optima Health Plan, AvetaInc, Medical Pathways Medical Company and NAMM California as both the clinical and management expert.


Dr. Shinto expects the company to expand into new markets and be able to come up with improvements that will at the end benefit the patients. Immediately after being hired as the CEO in 2012, people started viewing dr. Shinto as the man who inspires his staff to give their all in the workplace. The InnovaCare makes it more affordable for the average person to visit the Doctors office. The use of technology has made it easier for more residents of Puerto Rico to have access to improved medical care with no loss of service or quality. In the country, over 70 percent of the residents have opted to use InnovaCare as their medical care plans as compared to other insurance companies.


Waiakea Water Is A Sustainable Company That Offers A Healthy And Clean Bottle Of Water

More and more people, everyday, are choosing Waiakea Water over other brands or drinking out of the faucet, and there’s a good reason for this. While many people think that all bottled water is the same, this just isn’t true. Some water is ran through machines to change its composition and others simply don’t come from a true pristine source. Waiakea’s water is alkaline, and this helps to counteract damage that is done to the body by being too acidic. This happens because of foods and beverages we as people consume that are overly acidic in nature. Our body requires that we keep it at a ph of 7.4 in order to maintain our health, and Waiakea Water can help with this.

Waiakea Water was founded in 2012, and it is the original Hawaiian volcanic water company, which has worked to create a healthy, sustainable company that serves its customers and humanity. The goal of the company has always been to put together a lifestyle brand that created positive change in the world, and part of this effort has been the choice to make the company’s model a triple bottom line one that is focused on our planet and the people on it. In 2015, Waiakea Water received more awards that any other beverage company in North America.

Waiakea Water focuses on ensuring that its operations have the least amount of impact on the world as possible. This has been done through contributions to conservation efforts as well as promoting them and giving people access to clean drinking water through a program that provides free water to people in need based on the amount of sales it receives. The water that Waiakea provides is filtered through volcanic rocks and starts as snow-melt or rain. This means it comes from one of the cleanest places on the planet and includes plenty of trace minerals, which makes it an alkaline drink.

Waiakea Water is happy that it is the first premium bottled water from America to be named CarbonNeutral. This is due to the fact that it is packaged in 100% RPET, is sourced in a sustainable manner, and the company supports eco-initiatives. Waiakea continues to change the way that people think about bottled water with its very high standards.