A Closer Look into OSI Group, the World’s Best Food Processing Company

OSI Group is a food processing company with its headquarters based in Aurora, Illinois. The company has more than 65 facilities operating in 17 countries. The company runs numerous fast food and grocery stores and manufactures popular food products including varieties of chicken products, prepared meats, sausage, bacon, meat patties, and frozen dough items. The company operates under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin as the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer, and David McDonald as the president and the Chief Operating Officer. Sheldon Lavin first joined the company in 1970 as an Investment Analyst. At the time, it was known as Otto & Sons which was later rebranded to OSI Industries and then to OSI Group as it is presently known. In recent times, the company has experienced an increase in the demand for chicken products, which has led to doubling up the previous production capacity. Visit indeed.com

David McDonald joined OSI as a project manager in 1987 after his graduation from the Iowa State University with a degree in Animal Science. Previously, he has worked as the chairman of the American Meat Institute. He became the first chairman of the merger between the American Meat Association and North American Meat Association, known as North American Meat Institute. He is a member of the North American Institute Board of Directors and has extensive expertise in the meat industry. OSI Group has put in place a strong security system to protect the product and the employees. These include an advanced fire suppression system, perimeter access control, outdoor and indoor cameras, and a surveillance system.

OSI Group has flourished into an award-winning company under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald. Some of the awards include the International Safety Award in 2017, by the British Safety Council conferred to OSI Food Solutions UK, which the company has won since 2006. OSI Food Solutions UK has also won the BSC’s Globe of Honor Award in 2016, 2015 and 2013. As a result of the exceptional health management and risk safety measures for its employees, BSC conferred the Sword of Honour Award to OSI Food Solutions UK in 2015. OSI Group has won many other awards in other locations including Austria, Poland, Germany, and India.

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Jason Hope talks about the opportunities created by IoT

As far as information about the Internet of Things is concerned, one person has shown absolute dedication to delivering the message to those who need it. This person is Jason Hope. He is one of the people who have made it a duty to do voluntary work of looking at the changes in the technology sector and inform the people about these opportunities. Looking at the work that has been done in the past few decades, in this industry, there are huge changes.

Technology is fast evolving and the technologies that were here a few years ago are now taken over by new ones. As far as this technology is concerned, many changes can happen. Making sure that everyone is sure about upcoming technologies is one of the things that Jason Hope Values. His commitment to this industry is to see that individuals and businesses are taking advantage of the many opportunities that are available in the industry.

Jason has spent many years looking at the trends and has been accurate in predicting which the upcoming ones are. A long time ago, he talked about the Internet of Things. Some people thought that it was too good to be true and that it could not be achieved. To their surprise, this technology is working wonders. It is a technology that has come true, and anyone who thought that it would not happen is surprised.

Jason knew that the technology revolution that was taking place since the beginning of the millennium would not stop. He accurately predicted that IoT was unstoppable and here we are. The information he released in the past have come out true. We are now facing the IoT technology. Changes have started happening. The airline industry is already implementing this technology. A good example being the Boeing Company which is now making places that apply this technology. Jason Hope has also noted that many airline companies are allocating huge chunks of their budgets to research the applications of IoT.

Jason Hope lives in Scottsdale and is involved in philanthropic works around the area. He holds an MBA from W.P Carey School of Business.

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An Overview in The Construction Business with Aloha Construction Inc.

Founded ten years ago, Aloha Construction is based in Lake Zurich. It was established by Dave Farbaky. This firm is an all-around contractor in that it deals with services from home repairs to the building. Aloha Construction’s ability to deliver services to its customers on time has seen it get ahead of other construction companies.


Aloha Construction has gone ahead and offered other services to its customers. These services are like insurance services, whereby it ensures that a customer is compensated for the loss incurred during the storm in a better and quicker way.


Aloha Construction has had more than 20,000 projects in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. It deals with services like roofing, window and screen replacement, power washing among others. This has been successful due to its highly trained employees, who work tirelessly to see that they deliver beyond their clients’ expectations.


Aloha Construction Inc. has gone an extra step ahead of its competitors. Unlike other construction companies, it offers a ten years warranty for the job and services that it provides to its clients. This has won the clients’ trust and confidence in the company and what it offers.


Besides the work and services, Aloha Construction has won several awards. In 2012, it won the Elite Contractor Network Platinum Member, which is maintained in the following year. Other awards that the company has won are Owens Corning Preferred Contractor, IKO Pro Shield Plus Contractor, and BBB Accreditation A+ Ranking among other honors.


Though Aloha Construction Inc. started up as a small company, it has now transformed into a big construction company. Its transformation has seen to it achieving many certifications from prominent business associates and contractors


Asked what to say about the company, the biggest percentage of Aloha Construction Inc. clients reported that they are satisfied with the services offered. Not only are they happy with the outcome, but also the price that the company places on each service. The prices are very pocket-friendly. Most of the customers added that they would recommend other people to try Aloha’s services since the company does not disappoint.

GreenSky Goes Public After Years of Su

If you have ever had your roof repaired or bought a couch at a furniture store, there is a chance that you have used GreenSky . The company is unique because they don’t make loans on their own. Instead, they partner with other banks to offer credit to consumers.

GreenSky  Was Founded in 2006

The company was founded in 2006 and is based in Atlanta, Georgia according to their Wikipedia page. According to the company’s founder, it achieved profitability in 2016 and is valued at roughly $3.6 billion according to an article in Wall Street Journal.

GreenSky  Doesn’t Consider Itself To Be a Lender

While GreenSky  offerings do allow people to obtain loans for a variety of products and services, the company doesn’t consider itself a lender. Instead, its CEO says that the business is a technology company. He was quoted as saying that they don’t compete with banks and they don’t compete with other lenders for business. The organization’s lending program is compliant with SSAE 16 Type II guidelines. In May 2018, GreenSky officially became a public company selling its shares for $21 on its first day of trading.

How Does Someone Get a Loan Through GreenSky?

When a consumer wants to get financing for a home repair or a large purchase, that person is sent to the company’s website or to its mobile app. From there, the application is sent to its partner banks that include SunTrust Banks and Regions Financial Corp. If an individual is approved for financing, the bank will make the loan and pay a fee to GreenSky.

Technology Will Disrupt the Financial Industry

Fintech companies including GreenSky are poised to disrupt the financial industry. By leveraging data, they will be able to help retailers and service providers determine if a person is worth lending to within minutes. By providing a streamlined and insightful loan application process, GreenSky can help its partners increase sales and reduce the chance that customers will default on their loans.


Stream Energy’s efforts to uplift the lives of the community it operates within.

Stream Energy has had a commitment to philanthropy for the past number of o0f years. They have taken on projects in various areas and helped fund them through Stream Cares. This commitment has seen the company become one of the most reliable partners in the area when it comes to providing help to the residents. Under disaster management and restoration efforts, they have been involved in the following

Hurricane Harvey efforts.

When the hurricane struck, it carried 56 inches of rain with it. That amount of rain in the span of a few days would lead to major flooding in the Houston area which would then lead to the loss of life and property. The floods that were some of the worst ever experienced meant that residents would do with all the help that would find its way to them. Over the next number of months, stream energy became a partner in the restoration efforts of the destroyed homes.

Tornado rescue efforts

After a tornado hit North Texas, it left devastation in its wake. Stream energy would work together with the salvation army who at the time had better reach and more numbers to ensure that these residents were well taken care of. They would raise money and contribute the same in the rebuilding efforts that followed.

Stream Energy has also had a passion for working with veterans and military families. They have worked together on a number of projects that include.

Operation Once in a Lifetime

This was an event designed to bring together veteran for a December lunch that would help them network and enjoy a day of fun and games. They were treated to an all paid lunch and were offered transport to and from the area where the lunch was. In doing so, Stream energy ensured that apart from providing financial support they provide moral support.

American Girl Doll Experience

This was an event that so stream energy take 10 young girls from military families for lunch at the American Girl Café. They were all set up with an all expenses paid for the day that was full of fun.



Why Sheldon Lavin is one of the Leading Entrepreneurs Across the Globe

The world of business comprises of people with various abilities. There are those who have managed to survive for many years. Other businesses are even lucky to celebrate their 5th birthday. The problem is that the majority of young business owners lack the knowledge and experience to manage these ventures. Sheldon Lavin is one of those few people who should be consulted when it comes to matters of business growth. Proper management skills are the ones that determine the lifespan of every venture.

Sheldon Lavin is the chief executive officer and chairman of OSI Group. The company was formed 100 years ago. They have been able to grow from strength to strength over the sale many decades. This massive growth has been brought about by committed leadership throughout the period. They started as a small meat distributor in Illinois and currently, they are serving more than 17 countries across all parts of the world. They also have been able to set up over 70 facilities and also managing to acquire so many ventures within a short period of time.

Sheldon Lavin is able to help the company move to greatness because of his committed leadership as well as a team of trained staff who have managed to work with the company for so many decades. They pride themselves because of the low staff turnover in the company. This is because they have always given their employees a chance to grow in their career. With over 20,000 staff members across the globe, chances of growth are very high. In fact, the company has been rated as one of the most peaceful places to work with.

OSI Group took a new dimension of growth when Sheldon took over the company’s leadership in 1970. He was incorporated as OSI Group partner and later as a Chairman and also a chief executive officer. Through his landmark decisions, the company has been able to celebrate its 100th birthday as a leading food and meat supplier across the globe. They have kept on looking for expansion opportunities as well as business growth. Sheldon, as the group leader has been surrounded by professional departmental heads who have what it takes to move the company forward.

It is therefore advisable for every potential investor to follow the steps of Sheldon Lavin. He has proven to the world that everything is possible and can be done with the right equipment. He has been on the lookout helping young leaders achieve in the business.

For details: patch.com/illinois/chicago/sustainability-vision-sheldon-lavin-ceo-osi-group

Brooke Miccio Reccomends EOS Lip Balms For Everyone

Brooke Miccio reviews the EOS Lip Balms with a lot of excitement. She calls them one of the most popular lip balms in the Beauty Guru community. They are festive and cute little lip balms, and she even has a huge collection of them.

They’re available in almost drug stores as well as big box stores like Walmart and Target. They run from $2.99 to around $4.00. The two newest flavors she owns are Tangerine and Pomegranate Raspberry. They’re not very expensive at all, especially when you think about all the other prices of lip balms recently. Unless you’re going for the $0.99 chapstick, EOS has a great price.

They come in small little egg shaped packaging. The lip balm is hydrating, but don’t add any colors. So if you’re going for a natural look, or you just need a base coat, then this is the lip balm for you.

They come in variety packs. Some in packs of three, and others in packs of five. This is a great way to start your EOS Lip Balm collection without dropping all your money. The Cool Mint makes your lips feel a tad bit tingly, and the others all smell delicious and leave a faint taste on your lips as well. The taste is not over powering at all though, and also very similar to what they smell like. Miccio loves to use them and goes through them very quickly, only because she loves them so much. They are great for hydrating your lips and preventing chapped lips before they ever happen. They are 95 to 100% natural and 95% organic. They have some medicated versions and some versions with SPF in them.

She also loves their customer service. She once posted a picture of the lip balm, and they replied.

Find out more about EOS Lip Balm: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/eos-evolution-of-smooth#section-overview

Alex Pall About The Single ‘Closer’

The Chainsmokers are an American, award-winning duo. The duo consists of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, and specializes in EDP-pop and electropop music. They achieved success with their breakthrough single ‘#Selfie’, in 2014, and have constantly been releasing new material. Their discography consists of 2 EPs, Bouquet in 2015 and Collage in 2016, as well as a full-length album released in 2017, ‘Memories…Do Not Open’. They received many awards and nominations since their inception, including a Grammy Award in 2017 for the single ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ in the Best Dance Recording category. They toured extensively in 2017 in support of their album, doing 71 shows across 4 continents.

Alex Pall met Andrew Taggart after the two were introduced by their mutual manager Adam Alpert, and due to their common interests in music and similar ambitions, they formed The Chainsmokers, which quickly became a successful act. Pall was an aspiring DJ in the New York scene, climbing up the ranks and making a name for himself, but saw DJing only as side work, until ultimately deciding to give it a fair shot. Andrew Taggart was in college right before meeting Pall, and was taking an interest in DJing, having a great appreciation for electronic music.

Upon agreeing to collaborate, the two worked constantly to create their artistic identity and shape their sound. Taggart mentioned the fact that he considered it to be difficult for a middle-class male to write songs that connect with the audience, songs that are relatable and tought-provoking. As a result they decided to write lyrics about their lives, Pall noting that it is important for their songs to be personal, and that they always contribute to the songwriting process, whether they are writing the whole material themselves or are working with a songwriter.

For the single ‘Closer’ they collaborated with Halsey, Pall mentioning that she is a unique artist, with a strong voice, and that she was the ideal kind of artist that they would want to collaborate with in the future. He feels that the music they are currently releasing is a step in the right direction and it helps build their identity.


How Talkspace Is Changing the World Of Mental Health

Talkspace is a text-based therapy app that provides ordinary people even without insurance the chance to find a professional therapist that they can speak to whenever they need them. This is an incredible service because you can receive help from one specific person and you can talk to them when you need. This opens the door for you to get a quick check up in almost every other day to see how you’re doing emotionally and get help almost immediately. This text-based therapy is one that is changing the industry already, and countless people are finding how powerful it really is. No need to go to a local clinic to get to somebody. Get help right where you whenever you need it the most.

How Talkspace Is Changing the World Of Mental Health

Michael Phelps is the person who is here specifically to prove to people that depression and anxiety can hit anybody. Mental health is so important him because he knows what it feels like and how it can badly affect your daily life choices and experiences. Phelps has joined the movement behind Talkspace by being the man to take on the face of the brand. As a human who uses the service himself, he is here to spread awareness of mental health. Talkspace is here to prove and show people that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The brand wants to give access to anybody in need of receiving help as soon as possible. No need to be part of an insurance policy.

The life of the therapists on the program is what generally helps make the dream of this business come together. It’s amazing what can happen when you realize how the people behind the app work. One girl was interviewed by HiTech Chronicle and she talked about her daily life. She spoke briefly about her general morning lifestyle and how she has become so much better at managing her life through this specific job. She is constantly working throughout the day making sure she managers time for both herself and her clientele on the app.


Igor Cornelsen: Legendary Investor Now Retired

Igor Cornelsen has been a big name in the investment industry for many years and even the banking industry for a time. Igor was born in 1947 in a small place within Brazil. Igor had a normal childhood and ended up attending the University of Parana to build an education. Before he started putting time into economics and investing, Igor studied engineering at the college. In 1970, Igor graduated with his degree in economics and went on to become an investment banker in 1974. By 1976, Igor landed a position at Multibanco as the companies Chief Executive Officer, where he stayed for the next several years.

Later in his career, Igor was invited to the Standard Chartered Merchant Bank in London, where he joined up to be one of the board’s directors. Bainbridge has been able to make many improvements over the years thanks to the work of Igor, changing up some strategies for investing in foreign exchanges and commodities. In order to keep investments going strong, Igor has stayed current with the economies and various markets around the world.

With decades of experience working in the banking industry and the investment industry combined, Igor’s insight and experience are sought after by many as he is considered one of the best. Today, Igor spends a lot of time educating others and giving insight to up and comers. Igor Cornelsen built his career and his reputation in Brazil and as such he is very-well known back in his home country as one of the wealthiest investors. Igor is mostly retired today and spends a good deal of his time at his residence in Florida when he isn’t passing on advice or acting as a consultant for Bainbridge. After a long and successful investing career, Igor now has the time for one of his favorite past-times, golf.