Louis Chenevert is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Corporation for United Technologies. In 2008 April Louis was elected as Chief Executive and President, later on as the chairman in 2010 January. Chenevert has been in the position of Executive Chief Officer and President and also as the United Technologies Director since 2006 March. Before that he operated as President of Whitney and Pratt, from 1999 April through 2006 March.

Before joining Whitney and Pratt in 1993, he worked at General Motors for fourteen years. Louis Chenevert worked as a General Production Manager of St. Therese General Motors activities. He is a member of Business Roundtable Executive Committees, where leads the Fiscal Policy and Tax Committee and Council of business. Louise is among India-US Forum CEO member.

Additionally, he works for Cargill Directors Board, Honor Foundation for Congressional Medal and is the chair of the Yale’s Advisory Board center for cancer. Chenevert was inducted in 2005 as an official member of the Institute of Astronautics and Aeronautics in America. Louise graduated from Montreal University where he got a Production Management Bachelor’s degree in Commerce Louis Chenevert is the chair of the Advisory Board of Montreal International and founding chairman and director HEC Montreal friends.

According to Louis Chenevert, the thoughts of integrated technology originated from numerous ideas which had a significant comprehension of client needs and an enthusiasm to come up with a revolutionized product in a cycle of thirty years. The approach would convey substantial changes joined up together in reinforcing the portfolio. When Louise was in UTC, engineering and operational talent were critical to delivering thoughts that would create outcomes which surpassed client’s desires and gather sufficient momentum and revenue with the support of staff. Louise is most excited by the speed at which technological innovation comes up with significant changes in accelerating the organizational speed in the future.

Louis Chenevert had an astounding run when he became part of UTC. Chenevert’s ascent to the highest point made the company start to generate considerable profits in the market. His tenure when he was at UTC saw the price shares of the company ascend to $117 from just $37 and an appreciation rate of 200% in the value of shareholders assets which was quite exceptional. Furthermore, when Louis Chenevert was at the helm, UTC managed to overcome any engineer’s layoffs which were being experienced by other organizations.


Brazilian Banking Sector Set To Experience Changes As Bradesco Taps Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi To Become The Chairman

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is the man to watch in the Brazilian banking sector. He has been working at Bradesco Bank, the second largest lender in Brazil for close to five decades. He was recently appointed to the top-most post in the bank. As the chairman of Bradesco bank, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is now tasked with overseeing the operations at the bank and providing guidance to the board of executives who are involved with the day-to-day running of the bank.

Luiz started serving as the chairman of Bradesco following the appointment by the former chairman, Mr. Lazaro Brandao. The former chairman stepped down from the post citing personal reasons. In his statement, Lazaro Brandao noted that he felt the time was ripe for Bradesco bank to choose another chairman to lead the bank into the future. By the time he was resigning, the 91-year-old Lazaro Brandao was the oldest serving chairman of a bank.

When Luiz was tapped to succeed Brandao, the bank started the process of recruiting the next president of the bank. The Brazilian banking regulations do not allow an individual to serve as the chairman and president of a bank at the same time. On this light, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was allowed to serve in the two offices until March this year when the bank announced Octavio de Lazari as the new president of Banco Bradesco.

Octavio de Lazari was tapped from a pool of seven vice presidents who had expressed their interest to lead the company’s executive board. Among them, Octavio de Lazari was the least favored, and many people including experts had not foreseen his appointment to succeed Luiz.

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On his part, Luiz defended the appointment of the new president saying that it was done on merit and Octavio deserved it. Octavio is also a long-serving employee at Bradesco bank with numerous years of experience working in various departments of the bank. He once served at Bradesco Seguros, the insurance division of the bank where he introduced a raft of changes.

Lazaro Brandao, the outgoing chairman of Bradesco Bank
Lazaro Brandao began working in Banco Bradesco in the early 1940s. He was among the few employees who started working at the bank when it was founded by Amador Aguiar. He has played a key role in pioneering many banking products in Brazil. When he served as the chairman, Bradesco bank acquired many smaller institutions, thus enabling them to dominate the Brazilian banking industry.

During his time as an executive at Bradesco, Mr. Brandao has nurtured many leaders, including the former CEO, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi who just succeeded him as the chairman of the bank. Mr. Brandao accepted the application by Luiz despite having training in a totally different field. This is without considering that Luiz started working in the bank when he was just seventeen years old.

The former chairman will be remembered as a great leader with outstanding management abilities. He encouraged the growth of other employees by recommending them for promotion whenever an opportunity arose in the bank. Brandao’s influence resulted in more employees joining the company and working day and night to ensure the company’s success.

Find more about Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi: http://www.valor.com.br/financas/5153264/bradesco-novo-presidente-saira-do-corpo-executivo-afirma-trabuco

Jeremy Goldstein: Others’ Setbacks Are Your Opportunities

Jeremy Goldstein is a lawyer who is well-known and highly respected. He holds three degrees: two in Art History and one in the field of law.

Although he has a Bachelors as well as a Masters in Art History, the subject seems to simply be a passion of Goldstein’s because he is known for his work as a lawyer. As a lawyer, Goldstein handles many cases that have to do with executive compensation.

He didn’t start off handling these types of cases, however. Originally, he had nothing to do with executive compensation.

However, he began to hear a lot of talk from those who were in that line of work. They were not happy with the way things had been working out for them and wanted a change. Actually they wanted more than a change; they wanted out. You can Connect Jeremy on LinkedIn

Many executive compensation committees left the large organizations that they were working with. Goldstein saw this as an opportunity to offer those same services. He thought this through, however, not wanting to immediately jump into things.

As a professional, it is always great to weigh the pros and cons prior to making a decision. Goldstein did just that. Read more: Jeremy Goldstein | Crunchbase and Jeremy Goldstein | Quora

He figured that the pros outweighed the cons then jumped head first into the world of executive compensation.

He has seen much success in this field, and his clients have complete and utter trust in him. One reason that they trust him is due to the fact that he shows himself to be someone who cares. Jeremy Goldstein makes it a point to connect with clients even when they aren’t currently working on a project. He sees them socially.

Sometimes, however, he feels that sending out a simple email or text message to let them know that he is thinking of them will suffice.

Goldstein not only sees this as a business strategy but as a way to be. You should always let people know that you care.

Goldstein’s current career reflects one of his mottos: “Things that seem like setbacks are actually opportunities.” Executive compensation committees leaving their organizations was a setback for the organizations, but it was an opportunity for Goldstein, and it wasn’t an opportunity that he had missed.

Sometimes you must examine the situations of others to decide what your next move could be.

William Saito Gives His Thoughts On The Expert Hack

World-renowned cybersecurity expert William Saito weighed in recently on the recent and massive hack of credit reporting company Experian. Writing on his blog, he talks about the sheer scale of the attack, which compromised the data of over 143 million people and resulted in many lawsuits.

His advice for companies that experience such data breaches is to be careful not to blame the victim. He says that when a breach like this happens, many companies start rushing for a scapegoat. This kind of mentality will discourage lower-level employees from coming forward and reporting problems quickly, as they do not want to be blamed. Mr. William Saito talks about the importance of maintaining an environment where someone can report a data breach without fearing for their job.

He further argues that, if an employee does not quickly report something suspicious, it can be devastating to security because of the importance of catching a breach early. Cyberattacks usually happen in stages…first, they begin by monitoring the target system in whatever way they can. This is how they find a vulnerability that they can exploit in order to gain entry. Much like a burglar casing a house, they can often be caught before they actually take anything of value.



I must say I agree with Mr. Saito on the importance of maintaining an open system of communication which refrains from blaming the messenger for these kinds of events. When I think about the Uber hack a few years ago, I recall that employees hid the breach from the public for a long time. This made the information that much more damaging when it did finally come out.


William Saito is a Japanese-American computer security expert with a list of highly impressive credentials. Perhaps the most notable of these is the fact that he started his first computer security business venture while attending junior high school. This venture, called I/O software, developed a fingerprint recognition system that was bought and used by Sony. They also designed a system that displays Japanese characters when using software written in English. This software company was later sold to Microsoft in 2004.


After this, he moved to Japan and began to establish himself there as a venture capitalist. In the aftermath of the Fukushima disaster, he was hired by the Japanese government to oversee IT and technical support for the committee investigating the disaster. This led to a number of other government positions in the area of cybersecurity. He served as a top advisor on cyber security to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and served formally in the same regard for the cabinet office. He held that position from 2013 to 2017, as well as serving in an advising role for several other government committees.


Robert Deignan is a prominent and a well-known person in the realm of business. His personal, as well as professional accomplishments, have played pivotal roles towards his many innovations and competitive edge that he has created for his business. His diverse prowess, expertise, skills, and knowledge have punctuated the success and prosperity of his company, Advanced Tech Support Digital Services where he is the Executive Director, to endeavor in business has made him gain a lot of recognition. The company later rebranded to advanced tech support in 2011.

Robert is an alumnus of Purdue University where he graduated with a degree in organizational leadership. With his extensive skills, experience efficient and expertise in leadership and entrepreneurial management, he co-founded the Fanklink Company in the year 1998. However, the Company’s services were terminated after being in business for close to two years. He was later charged with the responsibility of managing the company’s operations holding the position of Executive vice president of iS3 from 2002 and all the way to July 2011. After his exit from the Company, Deignan again became a founder member of his current company Advanced Tech Support Digital Services which majorly deals in digital support services, targeting clients around the globe.

ATS digital is located in Raton, Florida. It is customer oriented ensuring it meets customers’ satisfaction as well as focusing on making sure that the clients attain the highest levels of satisfaction, by guaranteeing computers are safely kept and in good working conditions at all times for higher performance and reliability. All these are made possible due to the fact that the company’s customer call number is well indicated on the website. The knowledgeable and professional team of technicians help clients by remotely accessing their PCs and troubleshooting any problem with computers.

Robert Deignan’s abilities in leadership at the company has significantly contributed to the certification of the company by AppEsteem Corporation, becoming the first ever call center to be recognized. His presence in the company has massively helped set ATS on the map by putting it a global figure and crafting a noble name for it. An evaluation done by the company showed that they overpassed the threshold set by AppEsteem and had recorded a high-performance value. Mr. Deignan’s efforts have established his company on the foundation of client-focus passivity. Many clients have been able to get access to remote screen sharing and support help of the technical telephone. Robert’s organization is impressive due to the fact that he has been able to bring together different jobs that under normal circumstances would have been difficult.


Kamil Idris Shares His Views Regarding The IP Dispute Between The United States And China

Chinese manufactures have been making profits from goods supposedly copied from those of the Western world. This has caused numerous United States entrepreneurs to lose their businesses. The plan of the Trump administration is to place tariffs on exports from China with a worth of $100 billion. This plan is intended to force China to enforce their IP protections. Some people believe this plan will fail. One economic analyst believes the Chinese will not make concessions until they feel economic pressure. An expert on China stated President Trump’s move took the Chinese off guard. He does not believe China wants to become part of a trade war. Most China experts believe the issue regarding intellectual property rights is slowly improving. Only sixteen percent of the American Chamber of Commerce in China believe illegally transferring technology is a major issue.


The companies in China are now much more sophisticated. This means they are able to use their laws regarding intellectual property in the development of their own products. The courts have been filled with lawsuits concerning the numerous IP problems of Chinese companies. The Chinese government has been made aware of the valid complaints coming from Western companies. A lot of the China experts regret the fact the United States was close to implementing a remedy for this problem concerning the Chinese prior to the government being taken over by the Trump administration. Negotiations for a bilateral trade were already in process between the Chinese government and the Obama administration prior to the Trump administration taking over the government. The words in this agreement pertaining to protecting the IP rights were much stronger. It does look like the issues regarding IP rights have started to improve. President Trump wants the process accelerated. Numerous economic pundits feel his take on the stubbornness of China has hit the target.


The Permanent Court of Arbitration was established during the First Hague Peace Conference in 1899. This is an international, prestigious and historical legal body. Kamil Idris is a highly respected member of the Arbitration’s Permanent Court. He supports the aim of the Court to add more options to resolve international disputes. The Court is unique because the arbitrators are chosen during private sessions by the parties. Kamil Idris has numerous significant international achievements. He is dedicated to peace keeping and international cooperation. Prestigious institutions regularly invite him to preside over Arbitration panels both important and extremely delicate.

Why Sean Penn Wrote “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff”

America is full of movie fanatics, but Sean Penn is turning these movie lovers into readers. Penn has taken a step back from the film industry to write books. He entitled his first book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. People have compared Penn’s work in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff to the work of other authors, such as Thomas Pynchon, Charles Bukowski, and Hunter S. Thompson.


Because Penn has actually met Bukowski and Thompson, he was asked if either of the writers’ styles seeped into his work. This question seemed to almost make Penn’s blood boil because it was asking if he was influenced by other creators. Penn left the movie industry simply because he had to let the ideas of others’ change his work for the sake of collaboration. Sean Penn has never been big on collaboration and on letting others influence or change the masterpiece that he had already planned from start to finish.


Penn didn’t give a definite answer as to whether or not the thoughts and styles of others were incorporated into Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff, but he did say that he would leave that question open to interpretation by the readers. Many of the characters in the book and what is talked about in the book relate to real life people and situations. For example, Bob Honey’s life mirrors Penn’s own in the fact that Bob is a pariah, an outcast. Penn even titled the audio version Pappy Pariah.

Penn may feel like an outcast, himself, because he does not have a good relationship with his children. He is estranged from them. The Landlord, the book’s antagonist, resembles America’s President, Donald Trump. Bob Honey feels that The Landlord has too much power and too much control in the same way that many Americans feel that Donald Trump is entirely too powerful. Penn says that his book is fiction, however, and should be seen as such. Penn’s fictional book does have some people intrigued and asking questions. However, as a creator, couldn’t intrigue and interest have been Penn’s goal for Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff?


Drew Madden; a proficient IT Expert in the Healthcare Sector

Technology has come to make life easy for us. In the healthcare sector, many IT solutions are implemented to ensure better healthcare services. On top of that many technologies have come to ensure that more lives are saved. Drew Madden is one of the leading healthcare IT experts who are on the frontline helping healthcare organizations and partners in implementing IT solutions. The IT solutions are excellent and target to make the health sector better for patients as well as entrepreneurs.

Drew Madden has vast experience in consultation operations and project management in the healthcare industry. The University of Iowa College of Engineering is where he studied industrial engineering specializing in medical systems. After graduating, he began his career as a healthcare IT expert at Cerner Corporation where he implemented inpatient clinical solutions. He served at the company for four years and moved to Healthia Consulting where he also worked for four years. He then proceeded to Nordic Consulting Partners and did a great job of growing the company to leading healthcare IT consulting company.

As a healthcare IT expert, Drew Madden has been focused on making healthcare sector better by offering solutions that improve healthcare workflows and operational processes. He is a managing partner at Evergreen Consulting Partners. The firm is providing healthcare IT expertise to their partners. Their primary focus is advisory and implementation services for healthcare technologies. Technology has played a major role in the healthcare industry. Many things need technology to ensure that the healthcare sector improves.

The state of technology in healthcare is much wanting. A good thing that is evident is the coming of EMR which is replacing paperwork in healthcare facilities. It is also hard for hospitals to track patients in their facility. It is therefore essential for hospitals to adopt new technologies that track patients within the facilities. There are also developments in electronic visit verification technology that monitors caregivers. There is room for technological improvement when it comes to payroll automation and matching of staff in healthcare facilities.

Dr. Saad Saad: Believe and Achieve

Surgery can be an extremely difficult task to complete, and when you add in the fact that you will be dedicating cutting into children it becomes even more stressful. In order to complete such a task requires the mind and skill of particular people in the medical field, which is the case with Dr. Saad Saad. Dr. Saad has been involved in the medical field for over forty two years as a pediatric surgeon, moving through difficult times in his life in order to provide the highest level of service to his young patients. A native of Egypt, Saad has seen his fair share of prejudice and discrimination in the United States but has managed to always prevail and succeed even in times of distress. It is for these reasons that people are now seeking his expert advice that he has developed through his many years of service.


Procrastination is the main issue that many Americans suffer from. We have a tendency to worry about completing tasks, later on, instead focusing on what we see as being the most entertaining at first. The problem with this mind set is that nothing is completed efficiently and we are left with more tasks to complete than we did before as different jobs start to pile on one another. In order to avoid this issue, Dr. Saad suggests simply doing the task as it comes to you and not wait. By always starting and finishing a new job at the time it presents yourself you are able to have more free time later for hobbies and entertainment. Learn more: https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-saad-saad-ys6d8


Being goal oriented is another concept that Dr. Saad supports whole heartedly. In order to ever become successful, you need to set personal goals for yourself to reach. These can be short term or long term goals with varying levels of need. The idea is that if you know what you are working for it is easier to accomplish them because you have a focus on each one. When you reach a goal you can celebrate, which can motivate you to move on to the next goal, and so on.


While these two bits of advice sound fairly obvious there is still the majority of Americans who ignore them. Dr. Saad Saad, through his experiences as a hard working pediatric surgeon, has needed to follow his own advice in the past otherwise he never would have reached his level of livelihood. By putting himself out there and staying busy he has literally worked himself into the position that he enjoyed for so many years. HIs advice should be taken seriously and at least considered. Hopefully, with his retirement from medicine he decides to continue to mentor.

Betsy DeVos Discusses The Future Of Education With The Philanthrophy Round Table

The Philanthropy Roundtable non-profit group managed to interview Mrs. Betsy DeVos. She is a well known educational reformer who is now the Secretary of Education in the federal government. Below are some highlights of the questions and answers that were published in the Philanthropy magazine 2013 issue made by The Philanthropy Roundtable organization.


The non-profit group asked Elizabeth DeVos back in 2013 what she sees as increasing educational reform opportunities that are up and coming besides the school choice movement. Betsy Elizabeth DeVos responded by saying that her main goal is offering school choice to parents. One of the ways she is achieving that is by eliminating the notion that a child is bound to attend a certain school or building based solely on their place of residence. The idea that a child’s school of attendance should not only be based on their zip code has become a rallying cry of DeVos and school choice advocates around the country. Betsy and others argue that other factors such as how well a school fits a child’s needs and the quality of the school should also play a role in determining which school the child attends.


This idea has a lot of ground in it when you ponder it. Our current public school system assigns schools based only on their geographic location without consideration to school fit and quality. Parents who may be able to afford private schools can get around this issue, but this leaves parents without such a luxury at a severe disadvantage when it comes to sending their kids to the school that best fits their needs. This is one of the key factors why DeVos took up the educational reform mantle and continues to fight for it. She says she realizes that other parents are just not as fortunate to have the ability to send their kids to the best school for them.


DeVos says that technology can be a great equalizer when it comes to educational quality. Technology helped revolutionize and improve business and communication. She believes that it can also improve education and support the educational reform movement. Elizabeth DeVos did add that major legislative changes would have to occur before the technology can really impact public school education in a more prominent role.


Philanthropy Roundtable followed up on its original question and Betsy DeVos’ reply with the following question. She was asked if she thus viewed digital and hybrid learning as supporting the educational-choice movement that she spearheads in her home state as well as nationally. Betsy DeVos says that she truly believes that we now only see the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the scope and influence of digital learning in public education. She believes it will grow and make education more accessible and better than ever.


DeVos is optimistic about digital learning because she sees her own grandchildren easily navigate new technologies such as Ipads. She says that technology can now make learning more fun and interactive which will appeal to kids. This is in stark contrast to her own school days which she recalls as being incredibly boring. The technology now can make learning more interesting which should make kids more engaged in learning. That can only mean good things in her view.


Visit www.betsydevos.com to learn more.