GreenSky Goes Public After Years of Su

If you have ever had your roof repaired or bought a couch at a furniture store, there is a chance that you have used GreenSky . The company is unique because they don’t make loans on their own. Instead, they partner with other banks to offer credit to consumers. GreenSky ¬†Was Founded in 2006 The […]

Stream Energy’s efforts to uplift the lives of the community it operates within.

Stream Energy has had a commitment to philanthropy for the past number of o0f years. They have taken on projects in various areas and helped fund them through Stream Cares. This commitment has seen the company become one of the most reliable partners in the area when it comes to providing help to the residents. […]


Louis Chenevert is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Corporation for United Technologies. In 2008 April Louis was elected as Chief Executive and President, later on as the chairman in 2010 January. Chenevert has been in the position of Executive Chief Officer and President and also as the United Technologies Director since 2006 […]


Robert Deignan is a prominent and a well-known person in the realm of business. His personal, as well as professional accomplishments, have played pivotal roles towards his many innovations and competitive edge that he has created for his business. His diverse prowess, expertise, skills, and knowledge have punctuated the success and prosperity of his company,¬†Advanced […]

In the communications business, Talk Fusion is a company that helps customers succeed with technology like their Video Chat and their WebRTC technologies.

If you are a business who is looking for an engaging software option like video chat to get the attention of a potential client through use of email, Talk Fusion is a company to consider. Talk Fusion’s business focus is on the video marketing niche. Talk Fusion has an award winning Video Chat product, along […]

Bob Reina And Talk Fusion Update Live Meetings For Their Customers

Bob Reina and his company Talk Fusion have recently released a better version of Live Meetings. The new release features improvements that include the WebRTC system and a revamped interface for users of the program. Live Meetings already allows the transmission of one-way videos or conferences that take place through video and can include up […]